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(Originally posted as "The future" at MySpace)

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word "future" a number of ways. The one thing they can agree on is that it's a noun. The blanket definition basically says that the future is the indefinite time yet to come, or something that will happen during that time.

I had plans for a future many times in my life. Each time, they were different. Some goals were higher than others, and some were just plain unrealistic. At one point, my goal was to be in a Beatles tribute band, because I liked their music and I wanted to play it. But then I realized that you never get anywhere unless you try developing your own stuff. At another time, I wanted to be an actor. But then I realized that putting yourself in the public eye isn't a good thing unless you like being the constant center of attention, so I put that aside. And the most recent big goal I had was to be a producer, an entertainment mogul to be more to the point, working in all the fields, music, films, TV, theatre. But then I learned how cutthroat the business is, and while I didn't quit (I was unceremoniously fired), I know when to ask to be led to the shallow water before I get in too deep, so to speak. (Those with ears to hear, let them hear.)

To me, and no doubt to many people, the future is a constantly changing animal. There's always hope that there will be mostly good things and less bad things, but that's the other thing about the future: it's a constantly changing animal that is far beyond our control. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. And I'm comfortable with that. Sometimes the picture's blurry, but at least there's a picture at all.

In closing, I'm going to quote the lyrics of somebody whose music defined my life during my teenage years, which I now consider over even though I know there's another month before they are. He wrote about someone whose future was rough, but something about the arrangement of the song's music tells me that hope is not far off for that person, even if the lyrics seem to rule out any hope. You won't know the song, but you'll probably know the writer if you've hung out with me long enough. The song? "The Future Ain't What it Used to Be." The writer? Jim Steinman (and there's a quibble about whether or not one of Jim's former collaborators, Ray E. Fox, contributed anything to the song, but this mention should cover my ass, so I'm not gonna get into the debate). And now, the lyrics...

Lyrics removed out of respect for Mr. Steinman and his publishers at Lost Boys Music. If you truly wish to view them in full, visit the Pandora's Box section of this site.


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