Jul. 27th, 2008 12:08 pm
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Let's get personal for a mo. I'd like to talk today about regrets. We are all sorry -- in one way or another. Despite all the good words about the futility of regret and guilt, we cart both around with us, make room for them in our everyday. We regret rash words and actions, ways of going about matters that seemed necessary once and foolish now. Or we regret that we had to do what we had to do: It's likely we wouldn't change a thing, but we're sorry that circumstances (of which we were, in part or in whole, the authors) had to go the way they did. Had to hurt.

Or maybe we simply regret not acting, not speaking up when we should have, for ourselves or others.

I regret:
-- Not getting my shit together when I'm supposed to (I registered so late at CCRI I almost didn't get in, and that's just one example; ask any teacher who's assigned me a project of some kind about that)
-- Not shutting my damn mouth sometimes
-- Not treating my friends better than I have
-- Not doing the little things (some people would never know how much it irks me that I often forget to wash my hands before I eat)
-- Being such an idiot around women (and men)
-- At times, being so open about stuff with people (granted, it's a good thing that people know right off the bat who I am and what I stand for, but sometimes too much is too much)
-- Making certain mistakes that could never be forgiven
-- Not handling a certain two-year-old situation with a friend better than I could have
-- Losing that friend, probably for good now
-- Not pursuing what I wanted to simply out of laziness
-- Feeling sorry for myself (even though regretting is a form of that)
-- Not having said "I love you" enough
-- Not having said "goodbye" to those who are gone
-- Treating my little brother like shit just because he chooses to spend his day in a different way than I do
-- Belittling people for not being interested in the things I am
-- Treating people like they don't know what they're doing and I know all when, half the time, they know better than I
-- Having an ego that knows no bounds
-- Not using this LiveJournal enough

What do YOU regret? Respond to this note with what you regret, and maybe we can all find common ground.


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